Georg Appeltshauser

The focus of my work is the conception and design of functional furniture with a maximum of flexibility.

Assmann & Kleene

The goal for Assmann & Kleene was and still is the conceptual development of modern furniture.


Designschneider is dedicated to product, furniture and exhibition design as well as trend research.

Carsten Gollnick

I don’t design things for an intellectual vacuum but rather as objects that are intended for people to enjoy as a kind of everyday culture.


Every project from GRAFT harbours something down-to-earth as well as something extraneous.

Prof. Stefan Heiliger

Reflecting on the act of sitting has become the focus of Prof. Stefan Heiliger's thoughts.


Atmosphere is the playground of JOI-Design, who always finds surprising answers.

Marcus Kerker

The most important aspects for him are the sensual components of the design and the attention to detail at every stage of the process.

Annette lang

Reality begins with dreams. The design process is a search for something new, for innovation, for the future.

Bernd Münzebrock

My designs are intended to be timeless and long lasting. For me a product is perfect when form, function and material are in harmony.

Joachim Nees

The oft-used quote 'form follows function' is still Joachim Nees' credo today.

Edgar J. Reuter

Slim, simple and harmonious – Edgar J. Reuter's designs are distinguished by their minimalist and very aesthetic lines.

Schnabel, Schneider

We know that it is the details of a product that trigger emotion. That’s why our work always begins with a profound analysis.

Cynthia Starnes

Cynthia Starne's designed products are meant to inspire and create a connection to the owner.

Andreas Weber

I pursue a holistic approach with my work. Architecture, interior design, product design and graphic elements come together to form a whole.